The March to Jericho

The Rituals of Arming Commence!

The action picks up this September.

With my current Rogue trader game coming to a close at the end of this month, I will be moving my running sessions to Thursdays, picking up a Gm slot at Maritime games with a group of four players to run Deathwatch.

With the intrigue of Rogue Trader reaching a head, the more action oriented prospects of Deathwatch will be an interesting departure, affording me, as Gm, a more controlled and epic-scale environment in which the players may become immersed.

With the arrival of The Emperor Protects (TEP) (an adventure supplement), I feel that the best start to this campaign will be a run through the two ‘free-rpg-day’ adventures available (Final Sanction and Oblivion’s Edge) to get the players into the swing of things. A huge collection of material in the form of the Deathwatch core adventure Extraction, as well as the stories in TEP will help provide a framework for any progression beyond the initial missions.

Any original missions created for the campaign will be presented in the wiki, however only mission debriefs of the pre-written adventures can be provided due to copyright (although all such texts will be referenced for any aspiring GM to pick up).

Now I just have to round out the player-pool! Be posting soon;




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