The March to Jericho

The Order of Things

An Overview of the Campaign Season One Structure

The first Season of this Campaign starts with the two free rpg day adventures available via the Deathwatch resources page on FFG. Final Sanction and Oblivion’s Edge will thrust the Kill-team into the fires of battle against an enemy as iconic as it is deadly, the Tyranids.

Racing towards a confirmed infestation on the planet Avalos, the Astartes warriors hand-picked for this mission not only begin a journey into the heat of battle, but must also contend with their differences and rivalries. Having only recently been selected from their parent Chapters, these warriors have not yet had the experience of multi-cultural society as the Deathwatch practices it, and though bound by Oaths to serve the Emperor and the Deathwatch with their very lives, there are many hurdles to overcome besides the ravening Xenos.

With character generation starting this Thursday, I thought it would be good to give the players an overview of their first major outing in the 10 part (7 missions & 3 Erioch based social sessions) ‘March to Jericho’ campaign. Season One is primarily crafted from pre-written material, with all original intrigue and political story-lines for the Erioch sessions. Below is a brief overview of the campaign structure, focussing on the first four parts of the campaign, so as to not give the players the full picture and allow me some flexibility should their actions change the circumstances of the Campaign:

- Final Sanction (Mission – Deathwatch resources)
- Oblivion’s Edge (Mission – Deathwatch Resources)
- Whispers of the Omega Vault (Erioch Session – Original)
- Price of Hubris (Mission – The Emperor Protects)

It is my hope that a week Thursday, we can begin, starting with the fiery descent towards the surface of Avalos, in Final Sanction!



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