The March to Jericho

Gathering the Brothers

Character generation commences shortly.

This coming Thursday (25/08/11) Deathwatch Character generation will begin.

This will follow the exact sequence of generation as set forth in the Deathwatch core book with no exceptions. The following GM mandated restrictions will be in effects:

- No custom chapters. Alternate Chapters with rules in RoB are acceptable.
- Only 1 character of each class.
- No duplicate Chapters. Characters may take subsequent/precursor founding Chapter backgrounds (IE A Dark Angel and Consecrator may both be Kill Team members, but not two Dark Angels).
- The maximum size of the Kill Team is four (4) players. This is the final limit to keep the game small and fast moving.

Characters will start at Rank 1, as set out in the core book. I would also like players to be prepared to do a little writing about their Induction into their Chapter, a notable battle that brought them to the attention of those Captains that would send them for a term of service with the Deathwatch, and any Deeds that may have been selected with the starting experience allowance.

We will have about 5 hours to get all of this done assuming a 6pm start, which is more than enough time to get some serious concepts down.

Note that as stats are rolled BEFORE selecting Chapter and Specialisation in the Core book, your stats may make certain careers more favourable than others. This is intentional.

See you on Thursday!




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